Current Students

Full details on internet access in college rooms, the terms of use and troubleshooting problems can be found on the college website.


Full details can be found on the college website. Printers are available in all computer rooms. Colour printers are available in I Basement and at Chads. Everyone is given £5.00 of printer credit at the start of each term which is added to your common balance. Extra credit can be added as required. To see your balance and add more credit, go here.

Setting Up Eduroam

It is a little complicated to set up, but once done correctly, it never needs setting up again. You can use it to connect to eduroam at points throughout the university such as your department, at other universities, and at selected institutions around the world.

First you will need to acquire a network access token which can be obtained from

Next configure it on your device according to the instructions at

If you have poor wireless network coverage in your room or around college, then get in touch with the computer office (see Having Trouble?) and they might be able to help.

Internet Safety and Social Networking Guidance

In this day and age, almost everyone is online in some capacity. The internet is an incredible tool and resource, but it’s important to remember to stay safe and to take measures to keep others safe while browsing. With that in mind, feel free to take a look at either (or both) of the two websites below to remind yourself of what’s smart and appropriate to do when online, and what’s not:

This section on the website of The Information Commissioner’s Office (who look after Data Protection and Freedom of Information in England) contains slightly dense text but goes through a lot of important issues.

The Get Safe Online website is also full of useful information, including a section on social networking.

Having Trouble?

Either email the computer office on, or visit their office in K4 (8:30am–4:45pm Mon-Fri).