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If you’re looking for information on rents and accommodation-related charges, have a look at the rent and accommodation page.

If you want to know how to pay your college bill, see this how do I? section.

Grants and Bursaries

Applying for Funds

Before applying for major grants or bursaries, students should in most cases talk to their tutor first. They will be able to check you’re applying to the right place and may be able to give assistance with the application. It should also be noted that most applications – even at a university level – require approval from a tutor in college.

For more information on the College schemes, please visit the student finance part of the website – in particular the document which contains more detailed information about financial assistance from college written by Dr Holly Canuto, the Senior Tutor. Application forms for college bursaries are also on the website (but remember that it’s worth checking with your tutor before applying).

General grants and bursaries

[University] Cambridge “Newton Trust” Bursaries (UK and EU students)

The Cambridge Bursary schemes are run and administered by the Newton Trust.

They are means tested, and take into account a number of factors such as household income and other sources of income (for example scholarships or sponsorships) but in general, if you are eligible for a maintenance grant from Student Finance, you will be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary. EU students are assessed against their household income. The maximum that is awarded is £3,500.

The details are slightly complicated so if you are interested or think that this might apply to you, take a look at their website.

[College] UK/EU Entrance Bursaries
These supplement the Cambridge Bursary, and award £500–£1000 dependant on your household income. If you apply for a Cambridge Bursary, the college will use the information you provided, and if eligible, they will nudge you to also apply for an entrance bursary. If you are contacted, then don’t forget to apply! Every year at least one person forgets and misses out. See the college website for more information.
[College] Overseas Entrance Bursaries
The College has one or two Overseas Bursaries available at any one time, with a maximum award of £5000, tenable for three or four years.
[University] Commonwealth Trust/Overseas Trust (Non EU students)
These trusts provide some scholarships to overseas students from certain countries. When you are offered admission to the University, the college will invite you to apply for financial support from the Trusts (you cannot apply directly to the Trusts). See details on their website.
[University] Disability Bursaries
See the Disability Resource Centre website.

Hardship funds

If your financial circumstances change abruptly, the college may be able to provide short term financial assistance. Contact your tutor for advice as soon as possible. Schemes include:

[College] Hardship Bursaries (all students)
The amount awarded is variable and dependent on an individual’s personal circumstances. There are no application deadlines and an application can be made at any point throughout the year. To apply, download the application form from the college’s website and speak to your tutor. These bursaries may take the form of either a grant or an interest free loan.
[University] Other University Hardship Funds
There are also other university funds, such as the Access to Learning Fund, and the Bell, Abbott and Barnes Funds. See more information at the university website.

Travel Grants

[Department] Travel Grants
Some departments will offer vacation study grants to assist with the costs of fieldwork abroad or outside Cambridge. Your DoS should know if any are available and be able to help you with relevant applications. Check your department’s website for more information.
[College] Travel Awards
The college has numerous funds from which they can make travel grants – these can be for either short trips, or for longer periods (e.g. 3 months working or a year abroad). Priority is given to students who are travelling for academic work or part of their tripos. However, grants are also awarded for “doing good for others” or “cultural enrichment”. Applications are open each term for the following vacation, and check your email closely to find the closing date. For people joining sporting or other tours, see Caution Money grants instead.
[College] Caution Money Grants
Money from the caution money fund can be awarded as a grant to individuals, groups or societies who wish to go on sporting tours, musical tours, expeditions or to travel. The deadline for applications is in February. To apply, download an application form from the college’s website and it will need to be accompanied by detailed budgets.
[College Society] The Travel Grants Fund
This Society funds generates up to £2,000 annually for distribution as travel grants to recognised College Clubs and Societies to support UK and overseas tours. Priority is given to applicants who link up with alumni in the places being visited. The application deadline is the first Friday in December. Applications received after this date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Sport Funds

[College Society] The Old Members’ Sports Fund
This Society fund generates up to £4000 annually for distribution to students chosen to represent the College or the University at any competitive sports and who are faced with extra or unusual expenditure. Awards are typically of the order of £50 to £100, and application deadlines are the end of each Full Term.
[College] Annual Sports Bursaries

The college can offer £250 to £500 for students to assist with extra costs related to competing in sport to a high level within the college and/or university. Such costs may be incurred by the need to go on training camps during the university vacations, to pay extra College rent for a sports related reason, or by the need to purchase specialised sporting equipment. However, this list in not exhaustive, and all applications for a Sports Bursary will be assessed with respect to the needs of the students concerned.

The deadlines for applying are towards the start of November, in the middle of February and in the middle of May. To apply, download the form from the college website, and submit it to the senior tutor, Dr Holly Canuto.

[University] Hawks Fund
You can apply to the Hawks fund if you compete in a Blue or Half-blue sport for the university, and require financial assistance to train or compete. Awards range from £100–£750. See the Hawks Trust website.
[College] Blazer fund
There is a fund available to assist with the purchase of a full blue or half blue blazer for people who have represented the university. The maximum that can be awarded is £150. Contact Dr Peter Wothers for details.
[College] Joining university sports for which no provision exists in college
Any sports person who has to join a University sports club because the College doesn’t provide a facility for them to play their sport may be able to claim up to £15 to help with membership costs. There is a limit of one claim per person. To apply at any time, email Dr Peter Wothers, then with his agreement, take a receipt to the finance office.

Internship Bursaries

[College Society] Internship Bursaries
The College Society is offering (on a trial basis), a limited number of bursaries to support the cost of internships. Those in receipt of 80% to 100% Cambridge Bursaries are eligible to apply for an award of up to £500 each. The scheme is targeted at students who have arranged an internship in not-for-profit organisations / the media / other organisations where little or no pay is offered.
[University] Careers Service Summer Bursary
The university careers service offers a similar internship bursary scheme to the one run by the college society. It is open to all undergraduates, but priority is given to people with a Cambridge Bursary. It is available only for Not-for-profit, Arts and Heritage, or Media Internships. For more information see the career service website.

Other funds and Bursaries

[College] Gender Expression Fund

The Gender Expression Fund has been created with the purpose of funding items used by individuals to express their true identity. Given the limitations of the fund (around £100), this is for individuals who require the funding from the college, as opposed to their own finances. However, this should not deter your application, as applications are kept confidential between the LGBT+ Officer and applicant. The items which may be covered by the fund, whilst not a definitive list, include: packers, concealing underwear, and binders, amongst others.

By no means is identity something that should be hindered by financial background, and the college, and its JCR, wish you to experience utmost liberation within our community and beyond.

The application process applies on a case by case basis. The individual should contact the JCR LGBT+ Officer (email/Facebook Messenger/in person), who will review the application for funding, and on acceptance will provide the funding.

The LGBT+ Officer recognises the fact, and is under obligation to ensure, that any application must be treated with utmost confidence, and so the application will not be discussed beyond the Officer and applicant. However, to require funding, the Officer must request funding from the treasurer. To protect confidentiality, this will be done under a Gender Expression Fund Request, and will not disclose details beyond that title and the amount of money requested.

[College] Language Grants for University Language Centre Courses
The college will normally able to assist with the cost of taking a language course at the University Language Centre, usually providing funds for 50% of the course. These funds are normally awarded on the condition that the course is completed and the end of course exam is passed.
[University] Overseas Language Course “Pressland Fund” Bursary
The University language centre also has a bursary for students who are based in the schools of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Technology or Clinical Medicine, and who wish to take a language course overseas during the Long vacation. See the language centre website for details.
[College Society] The Music Tuition Fund
This Society fund is designed to help with music tuition for those who are not reading Music as a degree subject. Up to £1000 in total is available for distribution annually, and from that sum up to three awards can be made in a year. The application deadline is the first Friday in November.
[College Society] The Performing Arts Fund
This Society fund is for students seeking to improve their personal skills and experience in theatre, dance etc. It is not for funding specific productions. Up to £1000 in total is available for distribution annually, and from that sum up to three awards can be made in a year. The application deadline is the first Friday in November.
[College] Academic Course-related Bursary Fund
This Fund is to assist undergraduates with the costs involved in such things as: additional course costs, laboratory placements, project or research expenses and the like.
[College] Scholarships and Prizes
The College awards prizes and scholarships of £100–£200 to all students attaining First-class results in undergraduate examinations. In addition, there are named College prizes and awards in several different fields.
[College] Other
There are additional small grants available for several sporting needs, for group activities and for expeditions.