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We’re Anousha Karim and Alex Armstrong, your JCR Welfare Reps. Our role is to ensure that your time at Catz is as happy and enjoyable as possible. We are available for you to approach us with any issues, problems or questions you might have and we offer a listening ear, support and can point you in the right direction of other helpful services. We provide sexual health supplies (condoms, lubricant, dental dams), pregnancy tests, and attack alarms – all confidentially and free of charge – just drop us an e-mail or fill out the form. What we really want is for everyone to enjoy their time here in Cambridge, and look for everyone to view Catz as a safe, healthy and happy environment!

During Easter term 2020, we are very aware that welfare is increasingly difficult due to COVID-19. Please check the below calendar for events run by the Catz welfare reps and other liberation officers!

Welfare calendar

For those with Facebook, Welfare events will be advertised on the following platforms:

Sources of help

There are a broad range of support services available in college, in the university, in Cambridge, and nationally. These are explained comprehensively in our Guide, and in Olivia Jacklin’s guide, however if you need further explanations please contact us (Anousha Karim or Alex Armstrong) or ask a tutor.

Student Minds Cambridge have also developed a comprehensive guide to all the support resources available at university and college level. The website at includes guides to looking after yourself, others, and how to access emergency help. Additionally, the University Counselling Service has a self help service, available here.

In college, these include your tutor (or any tutor – there is also a duty tutor on call 24 hours a day), the Senior Tutor (Dr Holly Canuto), the Chaplain (The Rev’d Ally Barrett), the College Nurse (Dee Williams), your JCR Welfare Reps (Anousha Karim and Alex Armstrong) and the Liberation Officers.

Nurse’s hours

The college nurse, Dee Williams, runs drop-in sessions in her room, E1A (at the end of a short corridor to the right of the lift opposite the JCR, on the first floor of E). The surgery hours are:

Day Hours
Monday 10 – 11 am
Tuesday 12 – 1 pm
Wednesday 11 – 12 noon
Thursday 12 – 1 pm
Friday 10 – 11 am


Click here for Hushmail registration

If you are concerned about anonymity, you can use the Hushmail website to create an anonymous e-mail address very quickly and easily (in less than a minute). It works similarly to gmail, and you can use it to seek help from the Welfare Officers without us being able to identify who we are in contact with.

The account is deleted after 3 weeks of inactivity, after which you can create a new one if you need to. We will naturally have to reply to the e-mail address you use, so make sure to take note of your password so you can see our reply.

Our e-mails for easy reference are:

Useful welfare links

We offer free sexual health supplies so contact us or fill in the form below if you need condoms, lubricant, dental dams or pregnancy tests.

We can help you support and show your appreciation to your friends by offering the Welfairy service! From the form below you can order things we have in stock to be delivered to your friend(s) along with a little note if you would like. We aim to stock: face masks, colouring pencils, bubbles, chewing gum, highlighter pens, and chocolate. When we run out of stock we remove it as an option.

(Note: Click the lines below to expand the forms.)

Sexual health supplies form
Welfairy form